10 benefits of natural dietary supplements

The fresh foods you eat are full of nutrients necessary for good health, such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A and C. However, many people, especially the elderly, those who are ill or eat poorly, and live in a hurry do not get enough nutrients from the diet.

The typical menu of the average Kowalski is filled with low-nutrient, high-sugar foods. However, even if you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, you may still not have the nutrients you need. This is a consequence of the aging of the body. As we age, our ability to absorb nutrients from food decreases. And although energy needs are decreasing, we still need the strength to function normally. Can a supplement make up the difference? Let’s check.

The supplement market and our daily needs

The value of sales of dietary supplements in our country in 2018 amounted to several billion dollars. About 70% of Poles say that they would be willing to use additional supplementation, and in practice nearly half of them do it regularly. Growing awareness, ubiquitous advertising, high availability and a kind of fashion contribute to their greater consumption. How to find yourself in this maze of products and needs?

What are dietary supplements anyway?

First, let’s think about whether there are supplements at all and what are they for? When is it best to use them, and in what situations can they contribute to the deterioration of health?

A dietary supplement is a food that supplements the daily diet with vitamins, minerals or other nutrients or other physiological effects. Natural supplements are a popular topic these days. Particularly noteworthy is how they positively and effectively affect the body, especially when immunity becomes a key element of everyday life. However, it is worth remembering that they are only a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, not a magical way to replace it. We have prepared information on the benefits of natural dietary supplements to show how much they can change for the better in our health and life.

1. Dietary supplements work as nature intended

It must be said openly: natural plant-based dietary supplements are not any synthetic supplement that artificially improves immunity. They contain everything that is best in nature, and it is the responsibility of responsible producers to give it to us in an appropriate, concentrated form. This makes them better absorbed by our body. Thus, we do not have to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in a short time, which, as we know, is sometimes difficult or even impossible. Supplements provide us with as many ingredients as we need for health.

In the world of supplements, most experts rightly believe that natural supplements are always better. The problem with synthetic vitamins is that we don’t really know what we’re putting into our body. Unlike artificially created ones, natural vitamins have ONLY natural ingredients.

One of the main reasons to stick to natural supplements and vitamins is the absorption rate. The body absorbs natural vitamins more easily because it recognizes them as nutrients. Remember that the body is difficult to cheat.

There are many good products on the market today that are 100% natural, including brand-name dietary supplements. Some of them are effective in providing the right nutrients your body needs, such as enzymes and antioxidants. All of these ingredients work together to provide the body with the necessary values. To find out what your body will need, it’s a good idea to consult a dietitian to create an appropriate nutrition plan.

2. Natural dietary supplements give us the necessary energy and vitality

Constant exposure to stress and the pursuit of success is something that can wreak havoc on our psyche, emotions and, of course, in the body itself. In such conditions, we are exposed to various infections. The body weakened by tension, anxiety, stimulants, air pollution, improper diet and lack of exercise, is susceptible to diseases. All this additionally weakens our well-being and puts us in a vicious circle. And the more down we are, the worse we feel. Hence the need for external support in the form of, for example, natural supplements. They contain vitamins, minerals and positive organic compounds (e.g. flavonoids or carotenoids) that supplement the deficiencies in our body.

3. They support the functioning of the circulatory and immune systems

Preparations containing polyphenols (natural chemical compounds with antioxidant properties) improve the condition of the entire circulatory system. They seal, elasticize and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

As for immunity, a large part of the vegetables and fruits we know are rich in vitamin C, which is responsible for our immunity. This is why doctors recommend eating them regularly, especially from fall to spring. But as we know, just then the fruit and vegetables are not of the best quality. This is where dietary supplements come in with help again.

4. Supplements delay the aging process and protect cells against damage

Antioxidants, or antioxidants, are an effective way to stop the aging process. As with vitamin C, the best sources of them are fruits, vegetables and natural dietary supplements. Antioxidants also protect cells that die naturally. The old ones are replaced by the new ones, but the slowing down of this process can be obtained by using supplements.

5. Natural dietary supplements are easily digestible and have no side effects when used as directed

A large percentage of the population suffer from gastric problems. Dietary supplements can also be a solution in this case. They are available in various forms, so you can adjust their form to our predispositions and limitations.

Since the supplements contain natural ingredients, this minimizes the likelihood of side effects practically to zero. The lack of synthetic additives does not additionally burden the liver or kidneys. Also, the absorption of these ingredients is much higher than their synthetic counterparts.

6. Supplements help eliminate oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is a condition characterized by a disturbed balance between the by-products of metabolism, i.e. free radicals, and the ability to remove them from the body. In a word, the ability to detoxify and repair. Due to the large amount of antioxidants, stress does not have to occur.

7. Supplements have a synergistic effect

A large number of ingredients in supplements, which are based on various fruits and vegetables, can have a positive and comprehensive effect on the body. Multi-ingredient supplements contain substances that support each other’s action, which makes them more effective than single-ingredient supplements.

8. Supplements significantly support the work of the intestines

The gut is our second brain, so their proper functioning is fundamental to our lives. This is also where the beneficial effects of supplements appear. Selected natural compositions contain fiber and vegetable tannins. The latter are able to create permanent connections with proteins. As a result, a protective layer is created on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes, which has an extremely positive effect on the functioning of our intestines.

9. They have a positive effect on eyesight and skin

Vision problems affect more and more Poles. Natural supplements can also help our body here. Starting from the positive effects of vitamins, to the already mentioned flavonoids (anthocyanins). These ingredients effectively fight free radicals that negatively affect our eyes.

The skin can also do a lot of good from supplements. Cosmetics are only part of the care that affects its condition. To work in depth, from the inside, you need to take compositions containing specific vitamins, nutrients and minerals, and natural antioxidants. This will help the skin to regenerate and rebuild naturally.

10. Supplements significantly support the work of the brain

Working under time pressure is not an easy task for an overloaded brain. We should care for him as much, if not more, than for the rest of the body. After all, it is he who controls and controls the entire body. By providing the brain with the necessary micronutrients, we help it regenerate and work at top speed. Natural dietary supplements support the brain in its daily challenges, improve concentration and delay the aging process.

It's a good idea to consult a doctor first

We should remember that the safe use of supplements is preceded by a medical and dietary consultation, especially if we use any medications. The specialist should take into account our age, existing diseases, diet and physical activity. Deficiencies in certain nutrients can worsen your health and lead to chronic disease, and supplementation is a good way to fill gaps in your diet.

It is better to prevent costly health problems than to treat them later

Irregular eating habits, eating processed foods, and stress all contribute to poor digestion. This makes it difficult for our bodies to extract all the nutrients they need from our food. While supplementation is no substitute for a bad diet, it can help prevent harm from bad eating habits. Taking supplements daily, exercising regularly, and visiting your doctor periodically are extremely important in preventing costly health problems in the future.

Dietary supplements can help manage some medical conditions

Among the herbal supplements known for thousands of years, echinacea prevents colds and ginkgo improves memory. American ginseng reduces tension, increases immunity, improves digestion and adds energy. Chamomile is taken to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and help with gastrointestinal problems. Cinnamon is also used to treat gastric problems as well as for loss of appetite and diabetes. As we can see, each natural product has its own unique use. Let us use this knowledge for our own good.